Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Photo: Uchikake

A little pic-heavy today, but there's just so much going on with this uchikake that it's pretty much the only way to show it all. 

Here we have an uchikake in near-perfect condition. I think there's snag somewhere on it. Based on the motifs and weight this is mostly a fall-to-spring piece and is covered in fans, cherries, wisteria, mandarin ducks, royal cart wheels, chrysanthemums, bell flowers, various water forms, things I think are pine and partial snowflakes (though those might also be grasses), and various abstract patters in the background. The base colors fade from the red spectrum to the blue spectrum. The sleeves and body have colorful false layers along the edges, even at the fronts of the sleeves (which are open most of the way down). And the hem on this thing is HUGE. The whole thing is quite heavy.

I remember the day I gave a presentation on kimono to my Japanese class. I had this at the time and decided to bring it. I had to haul it to school in the suitcase I usually reserve for things like month-long trips and moving to new places.

And speaking of moving, next week I'll be moving to a new state! It's all very fun and exciting, but it also means I might not be able to make any posts next week. I'll pick up with posting again as soon as possible though!

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