Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Photo (on Saturday!): Custom Yukata

This is the custom yukata I had made for me while living in Japan. It's also probably my favorite yukata, just because it is made for me (and finding the bolt of fabric in the shop was super-exciting). It is mostly off-white and shakes of purple and pink, with a tiny bit of yellow added to some of the flowers. The pattern includes lilies, pinks, morning glories, and what I believe is hagi (darned if I can remember the English name for hagi...). I like to wear it with a cheerful yellow obi to bring out the yellow in the flowers.


  1. very elegant pattern; stripes are so great on both yukata and kimono!

  2. Hagi is bush flower? Is that also nadeshiko in the ushiromigoro? :)