Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Houmongi

Many of my kimono don't really have much of a story attached to them. They were just really pretty and I decided to buy them (or ask for them as a birthday or holiday present). This particular kimono is one of those cases. I got this one as a birthday gift several years ago after seeing it on Ichiroya and falling in love with the motif of Heian nobles. It was in absolutely perfect condition, and though nothing was ever said about where it came from I always kind of figured it never got used -- perhaps it was stock from a store that closed, as were many of the accessories offered for sale around the same time. The design appears to be woven in rather than dyed, painted, or embroidered, and it has design done in gold on the inside of the left panel (last picture). This is one of my favorite kimono, and so far is my only houmongi.

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