Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Photo (a few hours late): Iromuji

When I first got into kimono, I didn't really care much for iromuji. I mean come on, compared to other types of kimono, they're just so plain. One solid color, with the pattern -- if there even is one -- just woven into the fabric? How could that ever compare to a lively komon, an elegant houmongi, or a opulent furisode? Even the relatively staid kurotomesode (which I love, even if I haven't bought one yet) seemed more interesting in comparison. But after a while, iromuji started to grow on me. These days I really like the simple elegance of a nice iromuji and how versatile they are.


  1. i think that Japanese purples are some of the most gorgeous colors ever!

  2. I agree! Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do the pure plumy-ness (yay new words!) of this justice at all.

  3. Gosh, what a color! So rich and tasty! Lately I've really been drawn to purple and your iromuji is a beauty!

  4. I think purple is the hardest colour to get correctly snapped by camera. One time you can get royal purple on deep blue kimono (online).
    And YES! Purple is amazing kimono colour